My Trip to Brazil – What It Means to Have an Escort with You

The companion herself was a woman named Felicia. She was already Brazilian, but was around the U.S. working in a few small jobs but mainly serving as a companion guide to anyone who wanted to meet her motherland. As it turns out, many Americans do like traveling to Brazil. She didn’t, however, only serve as an escort for people who wanted to go to that Latin-American country, she also knew her way around Argentina and a few other nations in Europe.

Felicia was an excellent escort; I learned a whole lot about Brazil with her company. Although my trip was initially meant to be a business travel – I was there to attend a meeting and discuss a few strategies with our partners in Brazil – I enjoyed the experience a whole lot more because of her company and her insistence that I met the beaches and historical sites of her country.

Brazil was a fantastic experience! I would’ve never known that a city named “Parati” would have so much to offer!

I had already traveled alone before countless times. Although I met the most amazing of places and made dozens of friends from one place to another, relying on those friends was not that realistic. It is usually tough to create a bond with who you meet during a temporary trip, and I felt lonely sometimes. However, not anymore.

Whenever you know you can take a friend or a partner to travel with you, I highly recommend you to. It is actual therapy. Visiting museums with someone that you want to share these experiences with is breathtaking. Going to the beach or a forest, go camping, and climbing. Whatever it is: If you can hold someone’s hand or smile at someone and laugh, and hear them laugh back at you, that is the best part of traveling.

Something to note, however, about traveling with a partner: You don’t only have to take care of yourself.

Having an escort with you does not mean that they know their way around everything and everywhere. You are not alone now. When going to the beach, both have to make sure that the other knows how to swim; when camping, both have to take care of each other’s backs in the woods. Lunch is rarely you by yourself anymore; now you have someone to eat with and talk to.

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