Practical Dating Advice to Boost Your Skills

Know whether you are a gas pedal or brakes kind of person

Most people will err in one direction or the other when it comes to dating and relationships. Some people fear commitment and panic easily when they feel like relationships are moving too fast, so they tend to always be wanting to put on the brakes. Other people have a tendency to fall in love quickly and are always wanting to put the pedal to the metal in relationships. Neither of these extremes are particularly healthy, especially when you consider that there are two people in a relationship that will both have their own brake/gas tendencies.

Remember that even gas pedal people can get freaked out and want to slam on the brakes and brake people can get a sudden burst of confidence or some type of experience that causes them to develop a sudden lead foot. If neither of these situations sounds like something that would make you comfortable as a passenger, it is even less likely to make you comfortable in a relationship. Healthy dating relationships are those in which two people are able to establish a pace that works well for both.

The best way to make this happen is to learn what type of person you are and understand your own tendencies in dating with the help of If you know that you are a brakes person, this can help you make some careful, cautious decisions about when to throw caution to the wind. If you are a gas person, you can set some goals around how long you might want to wait before taking steps you might try to take immediately when entering a new relationship.

Always date with a coach

Much like with dating practice, many adults seem to feel that there should come a point when they have things all figured out and should not need any help any more. Some of the most successful business people often have business coaches and there is not a single professional sporting organization in the world that does not utilize the services of a coach. Whether you want to be a successful public speaker or a better dater, getting a coach can do nothing but help.

Sometimes this “coach” can simply be a trusted friend or even the spouse of a friend. Other times this coach may be a therapist or counselor or you may actually enlist the services of an actual, legitimate dating coach. 

This is also where an escort can be of absolutely invaluable service in helping you succeed at dating. As professional dates themselves, they have seen the entire spectrum of good and bad dating behavior. Escorts can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you understand how best to play to your strengths.

The whole point of a dating coach is that they are an impartial observer that can help you avoid your most consistent pitfalls. Most of us have certain habits in dating that we tend to repeat again and again. As Einstein famously said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If you are dating, there is a good chance your past is most likely littered with failed relationships. If you want to change that pattern, you are most likely going to need some help. Don’t be afraid – or too proud – to reach out and ask for it. Even Tom Brady wouldn’t be Tom Brady without Bill Belichick.