Practice Makes Perfect, Dating Advice for Adults

All of this can add up to making dating as an adult an emotional quagmire, particularly when attempting to date another adult that may have a similar amount of baggage and previous entanglements. 

As if all of that weren’t enough, as an adult, you probably have an established career of some kind that has to be juggled with possible parenting duties, dealing with former spouses and lovers and attempting to date or establish a new relationship. 

Whether you have been married and divorced, never married, have children or are childless, here are some tips to help you date as an adult.

Practice Dating As an Adult

Dating as an adult is a very different prospect from dating as a teen or young adult. For one thing, you are unlikely to have the same emotional battle scars as a teen or young adult that you may carry into relationships as an adult. This can be both a good or bad thing. As an adult you may be more cautious, which may keep you from getting hurt as easily in relationships, but you may also have a difficulty trusting, which can also be an obstacle to close, healthy and even intimate relationships. 

As an adult, you probably also have a greater number of emotional entanglements that can include persons with whom you have a broken engagement, former spouses, a potentially long string of former lovers and possibly even children with one or more of your ex-spouses or lovers. 


As an adult, it may seem like a very strange concept to think of dating as something that needs to be practiced. After all, you most likely have a lifetime of dating experience. On the other hand, if you think about professional athletes, most of them have been playing a sport their entire lives and yet they never stop practicing. Dating is like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it, so practice is actually important. 

The truth is that practicing in low-pressure situations will almost always help you perform better in high- pressure situations. Most of us are going to have some dating failures before we really get it right, so why not practice your dating skills on someone that it won’t be quite so painful to fail with so you can get it right when it really matters. For this matter, choose a reliable escort in Queens.

It may seem like dating doesn’t exactly require much skill, but it actually does. Dating requires everything from conversational and listening skills to knowing how to graciously handle any number of awkward situations that might arise. 

In addition, “practice dating” gives you an opportunity to get some valuable feedback about what you may or may not be doing wrong on a date. 

For instance, you may be painfully unaware that you have horrendously bad breath or that you actually spend most of the evening talking about yourself or your ex. 

Going on a date with someone that you aren’t particularly interested in getting a second date with can offer you a valuable opportunity to hone your dating skills and get some invaluable feedback.

There are a number of ways to get some great dating practice. While you always want to be honest and up front about your motives and intentions, the first is to ask a friend or acquaintance that you are not particularly interested in out on a practice date. An escort can also provide an excellent opportunity to get some dating practice without the pressure of deciding whether or not this is a person you want to have something longer term with.

Married friends can also be great practice dates, particularly when it comes to keeping things more about getting to know a person and less about getting them in to bed. Many people actually want to skip right past the “getting to know you” part and skip right to sex, but that essentially defeats the purpose of dating in the first place. In fact, if you come on too strong trying to get to that point, you may not even make it that far at all.